With Minecraft, Microsoft Buys A Doorway To Millions Of Players

Since its release, Minecraft has become that doorway for a great many players of all ages and demographics, especially those that might not label themselves as a “gamer.” Like Farmville or Candy Crush, it is entry-level gaming. Minecraft is casual; there are no explosions or politics or machismo-heavy protagonists. You are in control of its world and it is only as difficult as you want to make it.

What Microsoft has essentially done is buy a very popular doorway. As new players enter the world of video games through Minecraft, either in its current or possible future versions, Microsoft will now be the doorman ushering that player into its game room instead of the competition’s.

Photo Credit:  Miles Willis/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse

Family game night last weekend - Minecraft!

Looking Another Culture in the Eye

I try to remember that my own cultural biases continually affect my perceptions. That way, I can focus on understanding behavior in other cultures I encounter, and keep finding the bright eyes in the room. - Erin Meyer

“Code may flirt with illegibility, but it must finally cohere logically or it will not work; the language of art can fracture grammar and syntax, can fail to transmit meaning but still cause emotion, and therefore successfully produce rasa.”

- Author and programmer Vikram Chandra. His new book, “The Geek Sublime: the Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty,” explores the aesthetics of code-writing. (via newyorker)

Late Light #sunday

Audio Workshop w/ NPR’s Rolando Arrieta #npr #georgetown (at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies)


New York City, NY | August 2014

This is a lategram from a few weeks ago. I don’t usually post selfies - actually never - but @lenadunham was super awesome during our long photoshoot.

So of course we had to pose with $3000 real blond hair wigs. Closest I’ll ever get to having hair on my head again.

It comes out this weekend in the NYT Magazine - and is online now.

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luv u so much, monáe

Best. —Lars

Welcome to the Weekend!


Movie Characters Taking Selfies in Classic Movie Scenes [video]

This is pretty brilliant!

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The Statue of Liberty hails dawn over New York Harbor in 1978.Photograph by David Alan Harvey, National Geographic Creative


It was one of the best publications ever done about computers—and, at the end, one of the last computer magazines, period.

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Apple Cores


Yesterday seemed to be all about end of cycle.  On one end of the day, BERG closing.  On the other, the Apple production.  Yesterday was a tired day.  I’ve never been an Apple fanboy, even though I’m embedded in iOS for mobile computing (aside from my beautiful Chromebook Pixel).  But there was often some entertainment value in the Apple reveals.  A friend said to me yesterday night, “I think…

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Few collegians work as hard as the U.S. Military Academy’s 786 female cadets

"We’re all trying to accomplish very similar goals, regardless of gender."

The Women of West Point

Brisket, low and slow!

Ages And Ages, Newport Folk Festival, NPR Music!

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