Teofilo Stevenson; At Rest.

Teófilo Stevenson, one of the greatest amateurs in boxing history, the winner of three Olympic gold medals for Cuba and a national hero who shunned the prospect of turning pro, possibly fighting Muhammad Ali and becoming rich in the United States, died on Monday in Havana. He was 60. - NYT


(Courtesy of Ellen Silverman)

What Our Kitchens Might Say About Us

[Ellen] Silverman’s images show the kitchens as she finds them. Well-used pots sit on stoves or burners, utensils hang from plaster walls with faded paint, and mismatched plates are piled haphazardly. At first glance, Silverman says, she wants viewers to see the photos as “kind of anthropological … in how people arrange things.” But the second thought, she hopes, will be: “Wow, they’re beautiful. … This is somebody’s reality.”


Kitchen art: A photographer’s Cuba

Food photographer Ellen Silverman, who did the images for Lynne and Sally’s book How to Eat Weekends, opened a new gallery photo show this week called Spare Beauty: Cuban Kitchens. She writes:

“This past year, I traveled to Cuba three times. Having a strong interest in food and food photography, the kitchen was a natural subject for me to focus on. I was welcomed into homes where I found sparse spaces, where time has stopped. Due to years of lack of money, supplies and equipment, people have been forced to adapt and improvise. These photographs reflect the personalities and the circumstances of those who inhabit them.”

Life outside the viewfinder.
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